Packing the Hospital Bag — What Do You Actually Need? (aden + anais Giveaway!)

Disclosure: I received the aden + anais products to provide my honest review. No other monetary compensation was received and receiving the items did not guarantee a positive review. All opinions are mine unless noted otherwise. Today I'm 37 weeks and 1 day. We haven't even put together B's bassinet but thanks to my crazy nesting I have everything else pretty much set and … [Read more...]

Win an #AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Little Bundle!

Finding out the sex of baby #3 is quickly approaching, 2 1/2 weeks to be exact. For the first time I have absolutely no guesses on whether I'm having a boy or girl. With both my daughters I KNEW they were girls from the start. It's the only thought I ever had in my mind. This baby? I keep going back and forth. So I decided to have a little fun on Instagram. Guess what baby … [Read more...]

Secrets Behind The Diaper Names From AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers

AppleCheeks cloth diapers is a company I will always stand behind and support. ONE thing that makes them special is the fact that the AppleCheeks team (@AppleCheeksDipe on IG) always makes fun and creative names for each of their diapers. Some of you have asked and some of you have made your own guesses as to what the names mean or came from. I decided to make a post about … [Read more...]

Applecheeks Little Bundle Giveaway

One month today Mama B welcomed her little girl, Sophia, into the world. After spending almost 2 weeks in the NICU because she was 5 weeks early she was able to go home. Now the countdown until Sophia wore her first cloth diaper was on! Yesterday Mama B put her tiny daughter into her first cloth diaper, a Lavender Fields AppleCheeks! Doesn't she look absolutely … [Read more...]

AppleCheeks cloth diaper Giveaway!

I have an addiction. It's true. I even joined an AA group to admit my problem. the only issue with the AA (AppleCheeks Annoymous in a private Facebook group) is that it doesn't help you, the mamas in the group just enable you more. It's a win-win, lose-lose battle you see. But. This addiction I don't want to stop. I have used cloth diapers for going on 2 years now and … [Read more...]

ones & twos All-In-One Cloth Diaper review & giveaway

I am so very excited to share a new cloth diaper brand with you all!! It's called ones & twos that just launched in the USA this month!! These diapers are especially designed for busy parents – a diaper that’s on in seconds, offers exceptional value, and is created with quality environmentally friendly products. I instantly fell in love with the pink diaper we received … [Read more...]

itti bitti review and giveaway

Are you ready to Fall In Love... with Itti Bitti? The weather has definitely been changing in our neck of the woods and some even have snow on the ground even though it's not even Halloween yet.If you've never felt an Itti Bitti then you are missing out and once you touch them you will fall in love with them. The outer part of the diaper is a soft luxurious minky but yet it … [Read more...]

charlie banana – goodbye disposables giveaway!

I first told you about Charlie Banana earlier this year but I know most of you have heard of these great diapers already!Earlier this year Charlie Banana released a limited edition "Goodbye Disposable Hello Cloth" diaper! This crisp white diaper with bold lettering was an instant hit and I bought one right away. I even changed K into it at the Great Cloth Diaper Change … [Read more...]

why i cloth diaper

I've never actually asked myself this but recently someones outside opinion struck a chord with me. I bet they will be happy they "struck" a chord with me and have now provoked a blog post out of me. But no, this is not for them. So why do we I use cloth? Simple, it's cute. The saving money part is great, yes. But I just love the pretty colors and how I can match … [Read more...]

bummis swim diaper review and giveaway

Summer is upon us and if you're like my family you're always at the pool. This week is very busy for us seeing that John is on vacation. We'll be going to 2 different water parks and 2 theme parks plus swimming at the pool all the time. If you cloth diaper like me then you probably still feel the need to put your babe in something that you can continue to reuse and that's where … [Read more...]