2014 Toyota Sienna SE review

Disclosure: I was loaned the Toyota sienna SE for 7 days for the purpose of review. Thoughts, opinions, are mine so please understand that your opinion may differ. Purchase after doing your own research. Stock photos are provided since it literally rained the entire time of my loan experience :(

Baby boy’s due date is fast approaching and we’re in the market for a bigger vehicle to hold my family of 5. Going from car lot to car lot I refused to look into a mini van. I didn’t want to me that mom. Then Toyota asked me to drive the Sienna for a week and after a little hesitation I agreed.

toyota sienna se

I seriously instantly fell in love with it. From the moment you open the doors you are surrounded by space and comfort. We drove the SE model which out of 4 model it’s 3rd in line so it has all the features of “the best” just without the DVD player and 2nd row foot rests.

Prices for the 2014 models begin at $26,920 (plus $860 freight) for the base Sienna L seven-passenger front-wheel-drive version and range as high as $41,710 for the top-of-the-line Limited with all-wheel drive. With a sportier appearance and 19-inch wheels, the SE, seven-passenger (8 passenger option) model we drove starts at $33,860.

sienna front

The Sienna holds either seven or eight people, with two up front, two or three in the middle when you add in a tiny seat that is typically folded and stored in the trunk area, and three in the third row.

Sienna optional 8th seat

The SE model is designed to have a sportier look and more-responsive performance. Besides the 19-inch wheels, you get a sport-tuned suspension, chrome outer door handles, and unique instruments, interior colors and interior trim. The 2nd row sliding seats offer a ton of leg room or storage space but with little ones I recommend keeping the seats pushed closer to the front seats or else you can’t reach back to help them or hand them something. I figured that out very quickly.

One of my favorite features on the Sienna SE is the power sliding doors. I could open the doors from the key pad, by lightly pulling the door handles and then they continue to open on their own, from buttons that are near the front center console, OR there are buttons on the inside of the van near the doors!

sienna interior

I’m not use to the lack of gas mileage you get with a mini van but I thought the 18 city/25 highway was pretty good.

So if you’ve been hesitant of getting yourself and family into a van just stop. The Toyota Sienna could be your van! It’s not the only vehicle I want to drive and own.

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  1. Joseph Person says

    yeah everything you have said about this mini van is spot on which is probably why my wife wants one so badly. I have friends who own one and they love it but I’m just not ready to buy another car but when it’s time I guess the wife will get this since it is the car of her dreams lol. Who knew a mini van was a dream car.

  2. says

    I recently rented a Toyota Sienna for a family road trip and I thought it was awesome. I was pleasantly surprised to find how much storage space there was in back. And it was also roomy enough for my really tall teens and mother-in-law.

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing your opinions. My husband has been anti-minivan our whole marriage, and it really was a non-issue because with only one child we didn’t really need the space. I’ve always been open to trying one, and all the great features in the Toyota Sienna SE makes me even want to more so now!

  4. says

    I’m totally not a mini van person, but I have several friends who have Siennas and just love them.

    • says

      I was never fond of bigger vehicles either but the fact that this has a backup camera really makes a difference. I’m not sure I could drive it without that feature. And when pulling into a parking spot I definitely have to back out then back in to be straight, lol

  5. says

    The girls are so comfortable that they’re completely lost and happy in their own little worlds. I especially love the roominess when traveling. Nice vehicle!

  6. Christina A. says

    So spacious–I could do so much with a van like this! It looks pretty classy for a minivan as well!

  7. Janet W. says

    This is such a nice minivan! A friend of ours owns the older model Sienna, the model before this one, and it’s so spacious and comfortable.

  8. Olivia Rubin says

    It looks much more spacious from the inside. The price starts higher than I thought it would for the base, but does t seem to increase that much for limited addition . I don’t get the foot rest thing…is that so their feet to hang down? I like the tray in the front row that allows driver and passenger to place phone or purse.and the girls are far enough apart that they would have to reach over a lot to tease eachother. Nice review

    • says

      We didn’t have the Limited so I’m not too sure about the foot rest BUT from what I understand the 2nd row seats also recline so if you pop out the foot rest it’s like their own Lazy Boy chair or something lol. Definitely not for car seat users but great for older people especially on a long trip!

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