Let’s Talk About Our Bums! #LetsTalkBums

I am super excited to announce that I am a Mom’s for Cottonelle Brand Ambassador. There were 50 of us chosen out of over 300+ applicants, to help spread the word about… what else? You guessed it, your bum. Well not exactly your bum in particular but what you are wiping with.


As a mom of two I have used my fair share of baby wipes over the years (and still currently do since Kendall doesn’t quite want to be potty trained yet). After the baby years are over I still use baby wipes but for other purposes like cleaning up messy faces while out and about but why do you stop using wet wipes on our bums?

That is the question that Cherry Healey has and came to America to ask.

Times need to change. Why are we so scared to talk about our bums? I am so excited to share with you some things about a product that everyone needs in their life. I have been using it and what a difference it has made in my restroom using life!

Cottonelle to the rescue I say!


Want to take part in the bum conversations too? Be sure to follow Cottonelle on Twitter, following the #LetsTalkBums hashtag and sharing your stories and moments on the Cottonelle Facebook page.

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  1. Sarah B says

    Congrats on being an ambassador. We always like to have wipes handy for when they are needed

  2. says

    Before these ‘wet wipes’ came out for grownups, I always had baby wipes or a washcloth close at hand. But I’ll admit…I’m still not comfortable talking about my bum. Nope. Not Me.

  3. Todd Lovessweeps says

    This seems like it would be so much better than standard tp. May have to get some.


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