Is Furby Really a Hot Toy?

So the hottest toy of 2012 is still going strong but I want to know if it’s really a hot toy and a must buy.

I remember in 1998 the Furby came out and everyone in my 6th-7th grade class just HAD to have one. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones but one of my friends had 4 different Furbys. They were definitely fun, and kinda cute. Now 13 years later the Furby got a high-tech makeover and was ready for new kids to adopt these furry creatures.


You can find new Furby practically everywhere and in cool bright colors. I do have to admit that just by looks the new Furby is totally awesome. I love the bright fun colors and color combinations. Plus, Furby is softer than ever.

But is he really a must buy toy? He’s just as loud and obnoxious, has multiple personality disorder, and loaded with new technology. Does that really make him better though or will we as parents remember what we eventually hated about Furby.

The first thing you’ll notice is there isn’t an on/off switch. Once you put in the 4 AA batteries you will be exposed to all things Furbish so get ready. Furbies come in 10 different colored furs. Out of the box the Furbies have no difference except their color. The color doesn’t affect its personality. From the minute you first turn it on, the way you treat it is supposed to affect its personality so keep that in mind.

The biggest difference with the new Furby is his eyes. Hasbro has incorporated LCD technology into his eyes which help give Furby more personality than ever before. The digital eyes really work with the animatronics and audio to make Furby feel alive. It really helps kids understand what Furby is feeling. Tickle it, his eyes may fill with hearts, pull his tail and he might get angry (or even enjoy it). He’s even got eyelids just like the original.


Another huge difference is how much technology has improved Furby. He has sensors on his head, back, and stomach. You can pet his head, or flip him upside down and he’ll know it. You can also pull his tail but that might make him mad or he will even fart! You can also talk to Furby. He doesn’t know exactly what you’re saying but he recognizes that you are speaking and he’ll talk back.

One of our favorite things is that he will dance and sing along to music. It’s cute to watch him wiggle his body and hum along to the tunes we play.

What we don’t like

The multiple personalities. Hasbro really upped it with this one. This is not some toy that you can just sit on your dresser and come back to whenever you want. No. You really have to take care of it. I guess this is good if the kid is working toward getting a real pet like a puppy. Furbies come into this world pretty much all the same, but they really develop their own personalities much more than before. Feed Furby too much and he turns into a “tough guy.” Be overprotective and she might even turn into a whiny Valley Girl, saying “OMG” and “Whatever” all the time!! Throw Furby around too much and he might turn into a mean guy with flaming eyes who makes angry grunts when you touch him. There are so many different personalities that Furby can evolve into.

The personality can change day to day or even hour to hour. It’s all about how you treat him. Don’t be fooled though, just because Furby is treated great doesn’t mean he’ll like it. Maybe he doesn’t like to be pet all the time or have so much interaction.


The annoying Furbish language is back and “better” than ever too. I won’t even touch on this because it’s so annoying but the good this is that the more you play with Furby the more English it will begin to speak!

At $60, Furby is nearly double the cost of the original Furby. It’s not exactly cheap. The fun is not going to last forever. Once you have tried all the options – how long will it be before Furby goes in the toy box? For most kids, the different personalities should keep them busy for awhile. And of course there is the entire Furbish language to learn.

Even at that price, don’t expect Furby to be as responsive as a real pet. It’s just a kid’s toy after-all

Overall I really think it can help teach children (some) responsibility since Fuby doesn’t have an on/off switch or volume control. If you have an iPad, learning Furbish is a whole lot of fun too.

For my house, I am just as annoyed with the Furby as ever so I often find myself taking out the batteries and Furby gets “lost” a lot.

Did you get your kid(s) a Furby for Christmas? Tell me about it. 

Disclosure: This is a partnered post. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Vanessa Coker says

    Ah yeah, no. Like another reader that commented above, I was never a fan of Furby and while my son is still little, I hope he won’t like them either.

  2. shelly peterson says

    My kids never had any interest in them. I’m surprised that they were still around

  3. says

    First of all, can I hug you for this awesome post? I was never a fan of Furby back then and I am still anti these critters now. I remember being so irritated and annoyed at my younger sister’s Furby collection, that I told my children these were out of the question the second I knew they were on their way back. Thank you for your tactful honesty!!

    • Double Duty Mommy says

      Ugh yeah they are annoying. I DO however pet the fur that is on top of the boxes when we’re in Target if I happen to go past them! Lol. It’s so dang soft!!

  4. Donna says

    Back when they first came out, I got one. And I can remember my Mom bought my niece one and she about flipped out when she opened her package and saw it. :)

  5. says

    Years back when they were first out I got one for Christmas from my hubby (I wanted one). I had a riot with the thing. I would love to try one of these new ones.

  6. says

    I remember Furby when I was little. I never had one though. I read a post somewhere about one who said theirs ended up being possessed. lol

  7. says

    I didn’t like the old furbies and I don’t think I would like the new ones. I don’t want to learn a make believe language to play with a toy and there is no way my children would be dedicated enough to take care of it every second of the day.

  8. Gina Brickell says

    My son absolutely had to have one so Santa ended up bringing him one for Christmas.. I think they are totally overpriced.. He liked it but played with it for a day (maybe not even) then was done with it.. It just sits there until you accidentally bump it or something and off it goes again…

  9. says

    I think it’s more like a hot potato! My husband and I bought ourselves a pair when they first came out (before having kids) and we found them amusing. They still work great and our kids love them, but they do get annoying quickly. I’ll definitely skip the “enhanced” version. Besides, with the Fur Real Friends and other interactive toys my kids have, enough is enough.

  10. Sandy VanHoey says

    Two of my grandchildren received this from Santa this year. My grandson was big on it the first couple days but he kind of wore off for him. The others (sisters) loved watching him dance and I believe they’re still loving it. Gosh, I remember yard saleing and seeing tons of the old Furbies and was surprised to see them so big this year.

  11. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I had no idea that furbies still exsisted. I do like the new colors they come in :)

  12. Mellisa says

    We didn’t my kids a Furby this year but Aubrey is only 4 so I don’t think she is really into this kind of toy just yet.

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