Seafood at Sunset w/ Sea Best seafood

Now, I must start this post by saying I don’t do seafood. I can eat shrimp but ONLY if it’s breaded and even then, it’s only a couple of pieces before I start to get sick to my stomach from the fishy taste.

Recently, I was asked to attend a Sea Best “Seafood at Sunset” event with some local bloggers and I happily agreed. Why did I attend a sea food event if I don’t eat sea food? Two reasons: 1) I wanted to get out of the house, and 2) I was hoping to learn how to cook sea food for my husband and Makenna since both love it.

The night was a great eye-opening experience to the difference between fresh and frozen fish and of course some tasting of sea food (boy, was I scared).
The night started by enjoying some appetizers – Buffalo Shrimp Dip, and Scallop Egg Rolls w/ Sweet Chili dipping sauce.
While we enjoyed our appetizers Mark Frisch, who represents the 4th generation of the Frisch family that started Beaver Street Fisheries back in 1950, gave us some background information about Sea Best and how they have become one of the top seafood suppliers in the U.S.

Like I said, I’m not a sea food-y person so I was nervous but I will at least try something once. Although I couldn’t taste the shrimp in the Buffalo Dip I didn’t like the texture of it and it was a bit too spicy for me.
Next I tried the Scallop Egg Rolls that were made with Sea Best frozen scallops, bacon, cream cheese, green onion, and cabbage. I’ve never had scallops before and honestly, this recipe is probably the only way I will ever eat them again. The egg rolls with the sweet chili sauce were awesome. The bacon and dipping sauce took the fish flavor out for me and I couldn’t even tell scallops were in there unless I looked down and saw white chunks (so I tried not to look at it).

Next up, it was time to enjoy a live cooking demonstration from Brian, one of Sea Best’s chefs. He made three dishes for us all while telling us the best way to prepare, cook, and serve the dishes.
First up was Rice Fish Cakes with Lemon. These bad boys had rice cooked in chicken stock for added flavor, and Sea Best Arrowtooth Flounder (along with other tasty ingredients). While Brian was cooking we were each given a cake to eat. To my surprise it wasn’t fishy at all (noticing a pattern?)! Instead, all I could taste was rice, lemon, and parsley. It was so delish!
Chef’s Note: You can prepare then freeze the cakes for several weeks before cooking!
The next dish I was pretty excited for because I do eat tuna at home, but this wasn’t any ordinary tuna so I was still out of my comfort zone to say the least. This was an Ahi Tuna Salad Melt sandwich that we were about to enjoy. The Ahi was seared in a hot pan for just a couple of minutes on each side, then chopped up with some mayo, carrots, pickles, dill, and of course some salt & pepper. My only downside to the sandwich was that the tuna was still pink in the center. I literally closed my eyes while taking bites and never looked at the sandwich. It was SO yummy despite my fears and I literally wanted to lick the plate. Once again, I couldn’t taste any fishy taste.
Chef’s Note: Serve with a side of frozen grapes!

The last dish Brian cooked for us was his Walk The Plank Stew. This one pot meal made with Cod Fillets is especially cool for the kids because they can get into the kitchen and help you make it. I’m not a “stew” person of any kind so I didn’t enjoy this recipe but the other bloggers around me completely finished their bowls so it was a winner with them. You can serve the stew with bread and a side of Gold Fish crackers so I jokingly suggest that you gently lay the bread on the side of the bowl and line the fish on it so it looks like they are walking a plank!
So I’ve said it many times in this post [that I could not taste the fish] but why is that? I, personally, think it has to do with the amazing seafood that Sea Best brings us.

Fresh VS Frozen:
Sea Best freezes their seafood right when it’s caught, preserving its freshness. Other places say their sea food is fresh but what that means is that it was never frozen. But do you know how long it was sitting at sea on the boat before it came to land and then shipped to the stores and restaurants? By the time it gets to your plate sadly the fish is not “fresh” anymore.

Sea Best has a commitment to sustainability

Simply put, Sea Best believes mankind has an inherent responsibility to act as a steward of the environment, to maintain and cultivate its natural resources, and to live a harmonious existence with nature. Our practices ensure a thriving natural environment for generations to come: we utilize organically grown agriculture and aquaculture products and employ the selective and sustainable harvest of wild caught seafood stocks.

Thank you crappy iPhone pic :)
Thank you crappy iPhone pic :)

I learned a lot about seafood at the event and they turned me into a fish eater… but only if I am eating Sea Best fish!
You can check out to find out where you can buy their products and for more than 30+ recipes.
Before we all left of course we had to get a group shot! Mark is on the left, while Brian is in the blue shirt in the back (I’m right in front of him)

Disclosure:All opinions are my own. I attended the Seafood at Sunset event at no cost, and was given a variety of Sea Best products to take home. No other compensation was received.

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  1. Jeffrey says

    I am not a big seafood fan either but I do enjoy crab and lobster, just don’t like digging for the meat through the shell. I also like beer battered, deep fried walleye and lake perch, basically made losing all of the nutritional value fish usually holds.

  2. Sandy VanHoey says

    Wonder how that would work for my kids..they too do not like seafood and not sure they’d have been brave enough to try it. So glad you did however. Those egg rolls look so yummy to me.

  3. Sandy VanHoey says

    Wonder how that would work for my kids..they too do not like seafood and not sure they’d have been brave enough to try it. So glad you did however. Those egg rolls look so yummy to me.

  4. Vanessa Coker says

    I’m not a seafood person at all. I have to be very in the mood, the stars aligned and the breeze must be blowing just right for me to ever enjoy eating sea food.

  5. Alisha D says

    I don’t do seafood but looking at some of these dishes makes me wish I did! lol I’m allergic to most shell fish but hubs LOVES seafood…these gave me some great ideas! Thanks Jen!

  6. Rachel N says

    I don’t do seafood either but some of those recipes actually look pretty good to me!

  7. Deanna says

    I don’t like seafood either, but those pictures look tasty! Looks like a good way to start acquiring a taste. I think I’m still too chicken to try cooking it though.

  8. Joy Williams says

    It is definately the fresh vs frozen that makes it where you don’t taste the fishy taste. Improperly frozen seafood takes fishy…and GROSS!!

  9. Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy says

    I have yet to meet a seafood dish I didn’t like…well, except for tuna casserole.

  10. Jennifer H says

    I’m not a seafoody person either! These dishes look great for Nate though. 😉

  11. says

    I LOVE seafood as does my husband and all three of our kids. They even eat sushi! All of the dishes look amazing, now come to Vegas & try them out on ME!!

  12. says

    Oh how I LOVE Seafood!! Any kind..shrimp, scallops, fish, crab, crawfish, alligator (if that’s considered seafood). All these recipes look great! I will definately have to get some to try!!!!

    • Double Duty Mommy says

      It was fun!
      we need to hang out again without the excuse of an event! A girl’s night out is needed in my life right now.

  13. says

    We are a huge sea food eating family! The crab cake photo made my mouth water! Thanks to Sea Food Best for having this Seafood at Sunset, night out! What a great idea, and way to educate those about their great product in, a hands on approach!

    I enjoyed your post, especially that you mentioned Chef Brian by name! Thank you for taking the time to get to know the Chef, as these men and women spend countless hours prepping, cooking, and designing food for us all to enjoy! These amazing food artists spend time away from family, miss holidays, and spend years learning their craft; just so we can enjoy their food! (Yes, I am the wife of a Chef, who opened my eyes to the love of seafood!)

    • Double Duty Mommy says

      I cannot imagine eating dolphins :( I dont think we can be friends anymore Jenn. lol

    • Double Duty Mommy says

      definitely check out their recipes. They are made specifically for Sea Best by their own chefs!

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