JJ Cole Broadway Stroller Review

You might be thinking, “What?! JJ Cole only makes diaper bags.” but I am here to introduce you to JJ Cole’s all new stroller line. JJ Cole jumped head first into a sea of stroller companies and brought us a triple treat right out of the gate. The Broadway is a toddler seat, a pram and a travel system in one!

First thing is first – The Broadway stroller fits a newborn to 50 pounds, but that being said it’s not the tallest seat back or longest foot rest so it probably isn’t the best for a taller child. My 7-year-old, Makenna, is about 40 pounds and inches (which yes, is lighter than your average 7 year old) and you can see that her legs are bent and her head rests against the canopy. I would think a 2-3 year old (at max) would fit great in this seat, totally disregarding the max weight limit.
The Broadway has a padded, adjustable 5-point harness. The buckle is super simple to open – just a one touch button that unsnaps everything. Right now, Kendall isn’t too worried about the buckle and doesn’t really try to get out but I’m sure in the next few months she will quickly learn how to escape from this stroller. That is one feature I don’t really care for. I would rather see the buckle clips that you have to squeeze in on from either side.

Now the seat is not a 90 degree seat. Even in the highest position it does have a little recline going on. Kendall likes to sit up and see the world so although I understand a little relaxation is nice, I would love to see JJ Cole make the seat 90 degrees so my child doesn’t have to grab the bumper bar and pull herself up to see more of the things around her.
The chair does have a easy one-handed recline feature, plus a buckle release recline to make the seat a little deeper. Also, the seat lies all the way to flat which is great for little nappers.
As I said before (triple treat remember?) the Broadway stroller can convert to a bassinet  for a newborn baby. This is not a free-standing bassinet so you won’t be able to take the chair off with baby inside and bring it inside to use as a bed for baby or anything – the seat is meant to stay on the frame for safe use.

Again, JJ Cole has made things simple with just a couple straps that need to be unclipped on the back and 3 in the front and you instantly have a bassinet!

(Flat recline position)

I love the bassinet because you still have the 5-point harness so you know baby is safe and secure. There is also newborn padding insert which makes the ride extra comfy if you ask me. My only question to JJ Cole is why can’t this be big enough for me to lay in at theme parks??! Kids shouldn’t have all the fun, should they? Haha.
 (Bassinet position)

The canopy is very large with 3 panels to fully cover baby — so so great for Florida. As you may notice the Broadway only comes in one color, “Drops” which is black but JJ Cole knows that we all love color so they made their Color Swap Canopy. Additional canopies cost $30 which is totally affordable in my book since you get a completely new look for your stroller. There is Mars Red, Nordic Blue (deep teal), Plumberry (dark purple), Sassy (pink), Sprout (lime-ish green), and Stone (Gray). I went with the pink of course!

I am most excited to tell you about is the twist and spin feature! What exactly is that? Unlike other strollers that let your baby either face you or face the world, with the JJ Cole Broadway you don’t have to take your child out, lift the chair and turn it around, the Broadway will do all the turning for you in a full 360 degree spin! To turn the seat you simply twist the center of the handle, bring the handle to the center, and turn. The whole seat base will spin and then you bring the handle bars back down to the front and you’re done. We’ve never had a stroller that turns so Kendall has loved watching us as we stroll. I also like to use parent facing when Kendall is asleep so we know when we has woken up.

(Travel system seen here with JJ Cole Newport Infant Seat! Stay tuned for a review!!)

 Notable notes:
• large lower storage basket
• adjustable handle height
• easy, one-hand fold
• removable bumper bar
• the JJ Cole Newport car seat, Lamaze Via and First Years Via I470 all fit in the Broadway frame.
• infant car seat adapter also included (works with specific car seats such as Graco Snugride, and Chicco Keyfit)
• one year limited warranty
• 28.5″ x 24.5″ x 42″ / 24 lbs

Things I’d like to see fixed/changed:
peek-a-boo windowPLEASE make this magnetic closure.
buckle on harness – Please make this pinch closure so kids can’t escape
basket – although the basket is large, I don’t like that I cannot get the diaper bag in and out easily. I would like to see the stroller support bars longer and raised up a bit so it gives space in-between the basket and gray bars.
seat – I’d like to see the seat be able to go 90 degrees so kids can sit upright more.
folding – we hate. i repeat hate that we have to take the seat off to fold the stroller. We are a fast paced family so we like to get in and go. Taking the seat off/on every time just gets annoying when we’re trying to get the kids in and out quickly.
cup holders – There aren’t any :( not for baby OR parents. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Please give us the option JJ Cole. *EDIT* I just found out that JJ Cole legally can’t add cup holders on the handle due to the 360 degree swivel feature. There is worry that a hot drink could spill if left on while spinning the stroller, and burn the child.

You can purchase your Broadway 360 directly from the JJ Cole website or find a store near you such as Babies-R-Us, and Baby Depot/Burlington Coat Factory.

All in all – I like this stroller. It’s fun, it’s great to look at and has some nice features. I wouldn’t bring this to a theme park even though it has a nice recline. The headache I could only image I would get from having to fold up the stroller up every time I had to get on a Disney tram or train…. no thank you. I do, however, think it’s a great stroller for city parents.

Disclosure: I received the featured item(s) for the purpose of the review. I did not receive any other monetary compensation. All opinions are my own and do not reflect the experience you may have.

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  1. toutoule says

    We just received this stroller as a gift and didn’t know it’s capabilities. This video was very helpful and we are very excited about using it with our new born. Thank you so much

  2. David says

    Hi, any idea where we can get the bassinet? We bought the stroller + the infant car seat and base but we’re in desperate need of the bassinet/toddler seat.

    This may sound crazy but if you’re no longer using it, would I be able to purchase it?


    • says

      Hi David,

      I’m not understanding your question. When you buy the stroller it comes with the bassinet/seat. It’s not sold separately, ever. The stroller seat is included when you buy the Broadway stroller and it transforms into the bassinet (as seen in my review) and you can buy the infant seat – Newport separately.

      If you bought the stroller without the seat included I would go back to where you bought it and talk to the retailer.

  3. says

    We just received this stroller and car seat and LOVE it (our baby is due in a few weeks). Have you purchased an adaptable cup holder? Or found one that fits? We have now tried two and neither fit on the handle.

      • Megan says

        Where have you found on the stroller it fits…I tried and it angles down..especially when you put a drink in it.

        • Double Duty Mommy says

          I’m not exactly sure what you mean Megan. What angles down and where are you putting a drink?

  4. Eli says

    I am researching for a good stroller for my baby to come, and as far as i read reviews i found that this stroller is one of the best ones. However, in all the reviews it says that people either bought it recently and have not used it yet or used it for quite short period of time. I was wondering how long have you used your stroller for? As i am currently in the USA but later i will go back to my country and there is no JJ Cole store whatsoever. I am concerned with the durrability of this one. And also can you please tell me how old is your baby, as i am wondering until what age i could use it. And the very last question, it looks to me that when you sit your baby up, the sitting space is a little bid narrow. How do you find it?

    Many thanx in advance and im sorry for asking so many questions, but as your review was very detailed and helpful i decided to ask for your help as i am so confused with all these strollers in the market.

    Ocean of thanx again and best wishes

  5. Melanie Culp says

    I like the fact you can swap out the canopy cover and give it a pop of colour and change it up if you get tired of the old one!

  6. brooke t says

    I love the bright colors that they are using and I would love to have won this!!

  7. Lindsey says

    I have been looking into this stroller for our newbie coming in June. It is great to hear another mom’s perspective on ease of use, fit, etc. Thanks!

  8. Rachel N says

    Looks like a nice stroller for a young baby, maybe for the first year but I don’t think a child older than that would be too comfortable in it. I personally wouldn’t but this because I like to be able to use things for a longer period than just a year but I do really like the recline feature.

  9. Rachel says

    this stroller looks AWESOME! We have 3 little ones and I think the versatility on this would make it wonderful for us, as we could put any one of the kids in it. totally on my to-check-out list. Thanks for the great review!

  10. says

    That’s a really pretty stroller! My dude is already almost too big for it {40 lbs, and 39 inches at not even 3 years old- he’s a giant} so it wouldn’t be for us but I’ll keep it in mind for a gift for friends! :)

  11. says

    looks like a great stroller for little ones. My 3 1/2 year old is just about 40″ so it probably wouldn’t work for her.

  12. says

    Oh, I love how the seat base spins! I have one of those strollers that you have to take the seat off to change it from forward facing to parent facing and it is annoying!

  13. says

    I have to remember this one for the future. My son is getting married & they want kids right away. Grandma’s going to be spoiling this one.


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