Pottery Barn Kids "Anywhere Chair" Review

My girls love each other, they really do. It’s amazing seeing the bond they have already formed and how Kendall follows Makenna around everywhere they go. Sometimes I know they need their own space though and when their favorite movies are on it’s hard to find that “me” space each of them want.
Recently Pottery Barn Kids has saved my sanity by sending us two Regular Girls’ Anywhere Chairs – Pink Sherpa and Chocolate Birdie Print! I’ve always been a huge fan of PBK because they make amazing quality items that kids can actually use without the fear of breaking it.

The girls now each have a place to sit but can still be next to each other and hold hands. Yes for now they hold hands and hang out… I know I’m doomed in years to come.

Pottery Barn Kids definitely didn’t disappoint me because these chairs are fabulous. When you get your chair it is in 5 pieces and 2 boxes. Yep, that was something I wasn’t expecting. The chair inserts which make up the 2 arm rests, bottom and seat back are made in the USA with recyclable foam containing up to 30% soy-based materials. Then you have the slipcover which comes in its own box and they are pure cotton in durable twill, denim, canvas or polyester sherpa depending on which chair you choose.

Each component of the chair is separate and I had to fight with the slipcovers to get this sucker put together. I knew it would be worth it so I stuck to my guns. The Sherpa slipcover gave me the most trouble and that’s because the fur is covering the zipper area. Which yes, that’s a good thing so you don’t see this huge zipper but when I’m putting the chair together all I can do was scream at the fur since it kept getting stuck in the zipper.
John finally came over and while I held the fur apart he would zip. We did this little by little until it was finally together. The Chocolate Birdie slipcover (a canvas type material) was much easier to put on and zip up.
Since Makenna was at school when the chairs came only Kendall was there to test it out. She instantly jumped in the Pink Sherpa chair to claim it as her own and had the most relaxed look on her face.

All the slipcovers are removable and machine-washable! You can also purchase replacement slipcovers if you want to change up the look or have another baby of the opposite sex without having to purchase a whole new chair. If you have all the kids you’re going to have or want to make the chair more personable PBK will personalize the chair with FREE embroidery. I wish I could have their names added so there is no fighting over what chair belongs to whom.

It’s called the Anywhere Chair because they are lightweight and can be moved from room to room depending on where your child wants it to be. Again, you can take this as a good or bad thing. Sometimes it’s bad because the girls always bring the chairs into my room to hang out.

These really are the most comfortable chair we have been able to find and because they are made so well I love that the girls will have them for a very long time. You have 3 options for your Anywhere Chair – My First, Regular, and Over-Sized. The Regular chairs that we received are 28″ wide x 22″ deep x 22″ high which are just the perfect size. You can see how big it is compared to our over-sized Loveseat and in the pictures above you can see that Kendall has plenty of room to grow.

These chairs are on the pricey side at $99-$159 but you really are getting a quality item that can be used for years to come and can be revamped with new slipcovers (which range from $29-$89). This is a great Christmas gift but unless you purchase the chair in-store than unfortunately you won’t receive this gorgeous chair before Christmas. No matter what the occasion this is a great gift and you should run not walk to your nearest Pottery Barn Kids asap!

Disclosure: I was provided with the featured item at no cost by the manufacturer and/or its PR agency in order to test the products abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others. I did not receive any other monetary means.

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  1. Rachel says

    LOVE the fuzzy pink chair!!! soo cute! I didn’t know they made furry ones. My kids love these chairs!

  2. Jamie-Lea says

    Oh those look sooo comfy! I will have to check these Out :) Thanks for the review

  3. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I LOVE this chair! I didnt know they made these so tiny! Would look so adorable in Carters room! Precious!

  4. Cheryl Morreale (@loucheryl) says

    This is an awesome chair. I would love one for my son’s room.

  5. jenn says

    I love Pottery barn and this Sherpa chair looks so comfy. I may be buying one for littlest Sophia

  6. WendyT says

    I love the sherpa look! It looks so comfy. Wonder if I could get it made for my size 😉 

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